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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my account on hold for "HTML Code Not Detected"?

Your Site URL and banner Click-Thru URL must prominently display a HitExchange banner or button as per Banner Display Rules. Our spider program periodically scans your site for our HTML code. During the last scan, it could not detect the code.

Click for a detailed diagnosis.

Your Site URL (and banner Click-Thru URL - if in use) must prominently display a HitExchange banner or button according to our Banner Display Rules. Our spider program periodically scans for their HTML codes within the first 20,000 characters of those pages. But during the last scan, it could not detect our HTML code.

The scan only looks at the first 20,000 characters because beyond this range, a prominent display of our button or banner is unlikely. As a matter of good design, all web pages should be kept within this limit anyway to minimize the load time.

You must copy our HTML code EXACTLY. This is the most common mistake for this hold. There should be no excess HTML tags in the code, such as <BR>, <B>, or <I>. Verify the HTML code from your browser using its "View -> Page Source" or "View -> Source" menu option.

Another possible cause is redirection. Your Site URL should not redirect to another URL. Web site owners often prefer short URL's because they are easier to remember and looks better on a business card. But the Site URL in your profile is almost never seen by other members. There is no need to use the shorten URL.

==> After you correct the problem, click here to request an immediate detection of the HTML code. This hold should be lifted if all is well. Otherwise our server will try the detection again every two hours.

2. My account isn't on hold, why did I receive an e-mail notice?

When your account is put on hold for more than 24 hours, our server will send you an e-mail notice. Usually the hold is placed by our spider program, which monitors all accounts for anomalies. The same spider program also removes the hold when an anomaly no longer exists. If you received the on-hold e-mail yet your account isn't on hold when you login to check it, then our spider program probably lifted the hold already.

3. Why is my exchange ratio falling below the minimum 0.67?

Almost all cases of low exchange ratios are caused by one or a combination of the following reasons. Please contact us should you need further assistance.

  • Account On Hold. While your account is on hold, we won't display your banners at other sites. This leads to low exchange ratios and a build up of unused impressions. See your Memo Desk page to resolve the hold.

  • Excess Unused Impressions. If your unused impressions are increasing everyday, then either your account is on hold (see above) or your target categories are set too narrowly (see unused impressions).

  • Cheating. We consider it cheating when members use special programs to repeatedly download banners from their web sites. If you do that, we will detect it and lower your exchange ratio to compensate for it.

  • Poor "At Your Site" CTR. Your site must prominently display HitExchange banners as per Rule #3. It should not show more than 160 banners per click-thru (CTR > 160:1) because our overall CTR is only 60:1.

    Some members contend that unattractive or uninteresting banners submitted by other members are the cause of the poor CTR's. But when we visit their sites, we discover our banners at unfavorable locations too.

    Our Banner Display Rules are only the bare minimum. Whenever there is a big difference between the "At Your Site" CTR and "Your Banners" CTR, you owe it to other members to improve their banners' visibility at your site:

    • Top of the Page. Move the HitExchange banner closer to the top of the page will improve its CTR, especially on a long page.

    • High Traffic Pages. High traffic pages won't yield good banner CTR's unless the banners are dispayled within the top 700x500 area.

    • Banners Only Pages. Please don't display our banner on pages that contains only banners. Such pages never generate good CTR's.

  • Your Banner CTR. If the CTR of your banner is poor (> 160:1), then our server will also lower your exchange ratio. It's your wake-up-call to re-design the banner or change its target categories for better results. See this page.

    In other click-thru based banner exchanges, a member could in theory create any ugly banner because it will be shown again and again until it is clicked. Banners like that will eventually drag down the entire network. We prevent it by penalizing bad banner designs.

4. Why isn't my banner being shown at other sites?

Is your account on hold? Look to the upper right corner of this page for a stat box. If it says "On Hold", click on its "Reasons" link to find out why. While your account is on hold, your banners will not be displayed at other sites.

Have you displayed banners for other members? If you site has not displayed banners for others, then your banners will not be shown. Even if you have unused active hit credits remaining in your account, your site must still actively show banners for other members in order to have them show your banners.

How is your target categories? Poor targeting can work against you. For example, if you target only one category and it contains very few sites, then your banners will be displayed less often or not at all. Try adding more targets or clear them completely, so your banner could be displayed at more sites.

Please contact us if your situation is not covered here.

5. Is the clicks for "At Your Site" accurate?
We will stop counting clicks altogether after the third click.

Sometimes a member will ask friends to click on the banners, thinking they could generate hit credits that way. Or the member will try to login under different names and perform the clicks himself. These attempts are illegal and won't work.

We implement many countermeasures to monitor and stop fictitious click-thrus. One of the natural protection we discovered (and utilized) is the proxy servers for major ISP's such as AOL and WebTV. Here is an example. If you are an AOL user, we will treat a click from your friend across town as the same as your own because two of you probably share the same proxy server.

We cannot divulge all of our secrets in these countermeasures, although we do acknowledge in some rare cases that click-thrus are missed. However, they are more likely to work against members who attempt to generate hit credits illegally. So we deem these missed click-thrus as acceptable.

6. How can "Your Banners" have 1 Click but 0 Shown?

Sometimes you may see 1 click for "Your Banners" in the summary stat even though no banner has been shown. This is not an error. The Clicks column includes referrals from our Top Ten List and Hot! Directory. A visitor could click-thru to your site from HitExchange without seeing your banner.

You can conduct a test to see this for yourself. At midnight Pacific Standard Time, our server will reset the daily stats. So look up your site in the Hot! Directory and click on its listing. This will take you to your site. In your Account Overview page you will see the click being registered, yet none of your banners was shown.

7. How do I improve the CTR of "Your Banners"?

First of all, consider the total number of times that your banners have displayed. It is probably not statistically significant when that number is less than 1,000. Also, you should look at combined stats of several days instead of one specific day.

If the CTR of "Your Banners" is indeed poor, then your banners probably need some make-overs. Start by reading our Banner Design Tips page. It contains helpful hints and links for making a better banner. You can also ask other members to critique your banners in our Discussion Forum.

Another reason for poor CTR is the target categories. Once in a while you should clear all targets to advertise your banner on all sites. Then from the Hit Credit page, you can observe which sites are sending visitors to your site and set your target to those sites only. The best performing target categories may surprise you.

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