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General Information

This page contains general information about HitExchange. If you are a first-time visitor, we suggest you begin with the Quick Tour, which describes our services in detail.

What is a banner exchange?

A banner exchange is a network of web sites that advertise for one another using banners like the one above. A central server stores and displays the banners for everyone. When a user clicks on a banner, the server sends the user to the correct site.

How much does it cost?

FREE! Your site displays other members' banners. In return they display your banner at their web sites. This exchange is free, no strings attached. If you are still suspicious, then please read the next question.

Take the Quick Tour

To learn more about our services, please take the Quick Tour.

Free? What's the catch?

Most banner exchanges will tell you that there is no catch for using their service, but that's not true. They make money by advertising paid clients at your site. The following example will show you the extent of this exploitation.

Consider a banner exchange with 10,000 members and an exchange ratio of 2-to-1. If every member displays 10 banners today, then the total banner impressions will be 100,000. But the banner exchange only owes each member 5 impressions, which leaves the operator with 50,000 impressions to sell.

The typical advertising rate is $500 for 50,000 banner impressions. Everyday the banner exchange is able to make that much money from its members' web sites, which include yours. In one month, the figure accrues to $15,000! And when no one buys the extra impressions, banner exchanges advertise themselves.

How is HitExchange different? For starters, we don't have a fixed exchange ratio. We distribute our extra banner impressions to our members. Your site won't advertise any banners for non-members. You won't even see banners advertising HitExchange. Only members can advertise at your site. Period.

We make money by selling a small amount of hit credits to members. Normally members earn hit credits when visitors click on the banners being displayed at their site. With more hit credits, a member can receive more of the extra banner impressions we distribute. But nobody can have a monopoly in the distribution -- no matter how many hit credits they buy.

There is one small catch, but it is for us, not for you. If our members don't buy enough hit credits, then we will lose money on the inherent costs of operating and maintaining our service. But we're not complaining. HitExchange is built upon customer satisfaction, and that's one thing we won't sell out, not even for profit.

What about other banner exchanges?

If the above answer doesn't convince you, then perhaps our detailed comparison between HitExchange and three other well-known banner exchanges will. We not only give back to our members more impressions, we also offer more features.

Recent Statistics

On our home page, you can see our 7-day summary report of banner statistics, which often shows the majority of members receiving exchange ratios of 1.00 and greater. How is this possible?

The reason is simple. We are fortunate enough to attract many popular sites. You can see their exact impression counts on our Top Ten List. Although these sites' exchange ratios are lower than 1.00, they remain in our program because we deliver to them more visitors than other banner exchanges. It's a testament to the power of a truly cooperative banner exchange. Everyone benefits regardless of their existing traffic volume.

Another reason is the HitExchange web site. We don't advertise HitExchange at our members' sites, yet our site displays banners for members. Our site contributes to the total number of banner impressions without drawing it.

New members also contribute in the same way. Before membership is approved, their sites already display banners for other members.

Advertising Rate

Non-members may advertise at the HitExchange web site itself, but only members may advertise in the banner network. Go to this page for more details.

Company Info

HitExchange was launched in retaliation to the unfair practices of other banner exchanges, who exploit their members for financial gain.

We served our first banner on August 24, 1998, but the preparation began four months earlier. To date, we have poured countless hours in the design, programming, and refinement of this banner exchange. Our work and efforts converge on this one goal: to provide the most honest and fair banner exchange on the Internet.

Our Mission Statement

HitExchange is committed to member satisfaction. We place top priority in serving and assisting our members because our success depends on their success. With every new member, we move closer to an all-expansive banner exchange that links the world to your fingertips.

Staff Roster

Photo Album
Andy Lee ..... Webmaster, Programmer, Founder
Alexa Apallas ..... Membership Supervisor
Holly Brickley ..... Content Manager
Kenneth Frankel ..... Database Specialist
Flavia Berys ..... Executive Editor
Lo-An Le ..... Contributing Editor
Cathy McCall ..... Contributing Editor
Dan Candela ..... Contributing Programmer
Masami Teramoto ..... Web Consultant


April 1998 - Andy discovered the truth about banner exchanges.
June 18, 1998 - OpenDebate mentioned in the New York Times.
August 24, 1998 - Beta testing began.

Contact Us

We welcome your comments and suggestions. As we are often overwhelmed by the volume of incoming emails and correspondence, please be patient while awaiting our reply.

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Mailing Address:

HitExchange c/o Idealicus Technologies
P.O. Box 6182
Irvine, CA 92616


FAX: (310)388-1024
Due to limited personnel, we do not offer voice support at this time.

Members: Please use your account's Memo Desk page to communicate with us.

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