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Compare Banner Exchanges

Trade Click-thrus

Most other banner exchanges trade impressions only. That's not fair because an impression is just displaying a banner once. Your banner may receive no click-thrus after countless impressions. So instead, we trade click-thrus in addition to impressions. Please take our Quick Tour to find out the details.

Comparison Table

Here are three well-known banner exchanges:
  • LinkExchange
  • This grand-daddy of banner exchanges was recently acquired by Microsoft. It has 200,000+ members, but with a 2-to-1 exchange ratio, you won't get a good deal.
  • SmartClicks
  • It claims to be able to find the best sites to advertise your banner. But with only a dozen categories available, the sites in each category are still too broad to be useful.
  • GSA Net
  • It looks at the banner placement at your site to determine your exchange ratio. But it still cannot guarantee your banner will be displayed at good locations in return.

    The table below summarizes how we compare to these banner exchanges. As you can see, besides trading click-thrus, we also offer more features. These features are explained on the next page.

    Features HitExchange GSA Net SmartClicks LinkExchange
    Trade Click-Thrus Yes No No No
    Exchange Ratio
    Min. 0.67 0.50 0.50 0.50
    Max. 5.00+ 1.00 0.50 0.50
    Size 400x40 Yes No No Yes
    Size 400x50 Yes Yes No No
    Size 468x60 Yes No Yes Yes
    Multiple Banners Yes No No No
    Banner Rotation Yes No No No
    Animation Control Yes No No Yes
    Target . . . .
    by Category Yes Yes Yes Yes
    by Sub-category 5 No No 2
    by Banner Yes No No No
    by Category 10 No No 2
    by Ratings Yes Yes Yes Yes
    for Members Yes No No Yes
    Search Engine Yes No No Yes
    Instant Change Yes No No No
    Voting Yes No No No

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