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The Profile Page

Use this page to edit your account profile, which was first filled out when you applied for membership. All information, except for the account number, can later be modified.

If there is no error after you press the Submit button, the change will immediately take effect. This includes your site title and description as listed in the Hot! Directory. However, if you add an unapproved category, then it needs to be reviewed by our staff prior to being listed -- see Category Codes & Approval below.

Owner's Name

Enter your first and last name, e.g. "John Smith". This allows us to personalize our e-mails to you, i.e. addressing you as "Dear John" rather than "Dear Member".

E-mail Address

The proper format for an e-mail address is ''. For greater reliability, we prefer a permanent e-mail address instead of the ones by portal sites.

Weekly Report

You have the option of receiving weekly reports about your account via e-mail. The report summarizes your account's statistics and hit-credit activities. It contains no advertisement. But if you don't wish to receive it, then simply select 'None'.

Site Title, URL, and Description

Your site will be listed in the Hot! Directory according to this information, so please double check it when you make changes. If you enter an incorrect URL, then our server will not be able to detect the HTML code that displays HitExchange banner or button at your site. Your account will be placed on hold as result.

Any change to your site title or description will immediately appear in the Hot! Directory, so please verify your spelling and grammar to avoid embarrassment and public humiliation.

Content Rating

You must rate your site according to its content. Our rating system is similar to the ratings for movies: G, PG, and R. But our R rating is slightly different because it excludes nudity. Pornographic sites are NOT permitted to join the exchange.

If you are uncertain about your content rating, consider the intended audience of your site. The 'G' rating corresponds to materials that are suitable for students in the 8th grade or younger. 'PG' rated sites has the general public as their audience. Sites with 'R' rating contain opinions and discussions that are controversial, so they may contain some occasional foul language. However, we will not approve sites containing excessive obscenity. Business related sites should be rated 'PG' or 'R'.

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