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Target Categories

We can display your banners exclusively at web sites of your choice. This is called targeting. You select one or more categories from the Hot! Directory, and we will only display your banners at the sites listed under those categories.

Targeting has two applications. You can target your banners to an audience that is more likely to click on them. So you increase the number of visitors to you site. You can also target the people who you want to attract to your site. It may not increase your traffic, but at least the right kind of people are visiting.

Poor targeting may work against you. For example, if you target only one category and it contains very few sites, then your banners will be displayed less often than if you had targeted more sites. So be careful not to be too restrictive.

Filter Categories and Ratings

You may prevent sites from advertising at your site. This is called filtering. It may be done with site category, site content rating, or both.

Our rating system is similar to the ratings for movies: G, PG, and R. But our R rating is slightly different because it excludes nudity. Pornographic sites are NOT permitted to join the exchange.

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