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The Hit Credit Page

Your hit credits are stored in two accounts: active and savings. The active account sets your exchange ratio. It is also where normal earnings and deductions are made. The savings account stores hit credits for future use.

Normal Earnings & Deductions

You earn hit credits whenever a user clicks on a banner displayed at your site. But without restriction, the potential for abuse is too great. A site owner can repeatedly click on banners for more hit credits. So our solution is to limit the credits a site can earn from multiple clicks by the same user.

Normally you earn 0.8 credit for each click at your site. But if the same visitor clicks on a second banner, then you will only earn additional 0.4 credit. On the third click, you will earn 0.2 credit. After the third click you earn no more hit credits from that user. Since a typical visitor clicks on at most one banner per site, you should rarely see 0.4 or 0.2 creditd per click.

When a user is directed to your site after clicking on your banner displayed at another site or through your listing in the Hot! Directory, one hit credit is deducted from your active account. This slightly decreases your exchange ratio.

If your total hit credits (active + savings) remains at zero for 7 consecutive days, then we will add one hit credit to your active account. This improves your current exchange ratio above the 0.67 minimum. Therefore the average exchange ratio over the lifetime of your membership should be higher than 0.67.

Some short-term conditions may cause your exchange ratio to dip below 0.67. For example, when your account is put 'On Hold', your banners are not being displayed at other sites. After a few days your exchange ratio may dip below 0.67.

Another reason for the exchange ratio to be lower than 0.67 is the poor selection of target categories. If you are too restrictive with your target categories, the server will not be able to find enough opportunity to display your banners. As result your unused banner displays will pile up.

Fortunately when these short-term conditions are gone, our server will display your banners more often to compensate for the lost banner displays. Your overall exchange ratio should eventually return to above 0.67.

Simply put, your hit credits represent click-thrus that our banner network owes you. So accounts with more hit credits are given higher exchange ratios to increase their probability of receiving more visitors through banner click-thrus. In the long run, the amount of click-thrus a site receives from the banner network should be proportional to the number of visitors it delivers to the network.

Current Balance

The active account receives the normal earnings and deductions of hit credits, but its balance never drops below zero. So if you have zero active hit credit when you receive a click-thru (i.e. our server directs a user to your site), then your active credit will remain zero. However, if you have fractional active credit (0.1-0.9), it will be deducted from your account for the click-thru..

You can preserve hit credits by storing them in your savings account. To transfer hit credits between accounts, enter the amount of hit credits, select the direction of transfer ('from active to savings' or 'from savings to active'), and click on 'Go!'.

The hit credits in your savings account has no effect on your exchange ratio. By storing hit credits in savings, you can delay their benefit, but not prolong it. See the 'Help' for the Banners page to find out how we calculate the exchange ratio.

You can use the savings account in combination with automatic transfer to maximize your exchange ratio.

Automatic Transfer

You have the option of setting up an automatic transfer between your active and savings accounts. The transfer may occur at fixed intervals of one hour, one day, or one week. This 'time-released' style of credit transfer is useful after you amass a sizable savings.

Another option is to set a desired amount of hit credits in one account. If you select 'Active Always', then the active account will always attempt to maintain the amount specified. Any excess will be automatically transferred to savings. When the active account falls below the specified amount, hit credits in savings will transfer over to compensate. 'Savings Always' works the same way but for the savings account.

Recent Click-Thrus

These are the most recent click-thrus recorded for your site - both incoming and outgoing clicks. We offer this information to help you fine-tune your target and filter categories. If you observe a group of sites that are regularly sending you visitors, then you could target your banners at them. On the other hand, you should probably filter (i.e. block out) banners from your competition.

The Site column shows the account number of other members. Click on them to visit their sites. Those in the left column received visitors from your site. Those in the right column sent visitors to your site. (When you click on an account number above, your click is not recorded and no hit credit is deducted from you.)

User IP shows the IP addresses of the click-thrus. If you have access to your web server's logs, you may verify these IP numbers to find out the exact time of the click-thru. We provide this information to demonstrate the accuracy of our click-thru accounting. Please note these IP addresses are not web sites.

Account History

All account activities are saved in this area for 21 days. Normal earnings and deductions are summarized daily. This summary also includes the end-of-the-day balance for your active and savings accounts. For example,

10/24  23:59     +1.2 (2 clicks), -1 hit; balance = 2.0 + 10.0

It reports that on October 24, there were two click-thrus by the same user from your site to other members because the total earning was 1.2 = 0.8 + 0.4 hit credits. In addition, your site received one visitor from another member, so one hit credit was deducted. The ending balance for the day is 2.0 hit credits in your active account, and 10.0 in savings.

If you receive a reward for reporting a cheater or electing a Hot! site, it will also be recorded here. Automatic transfers can be inferred from the account balance between successive days, so they are not recorded.

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