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Account Overview Page

The Account Overview page summarizes your account information into sections. Use the Edit button to make changes or view more details about a section.


Although account information cannot be modified through this page, it is still useful because it summarizes the information in one place. And editing pages are linked from here. You are greeted by this page when you login. We also placed a button for it on the menu bar for easy access.

Banner Statistics

At Your Site - The Shown column counts how many banners have been displayed at your site. The number of click-thrus on those banners is the Clicks column.

Your Banners - Shown counts how many times your banners have been displayed at other sites, which doesn't include appearances on our Top Ten List or Hot! Directory.

Your Banners - The Clicks count is the number of visitors that your site has received from HitExchange. It is mainly from the click-thrus of your banners, but it may also include referrals from our Top Ten List and Hot! Directory.

CTR - Click-Thru Ratio, the average number of banners that need to be displayed before a click-thru will occur.

For the real click-through counter of your banners, see the statistics table for each banner (click on Banner section's Edit button).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see only one banner being displayed at my site?

Netscape Composer - If you are using Composer to edit your web pages, then you may have inadvertently altered the banner HTML code on your page.

What happens is that Composer truncates the code because it wants to save the banner image locally. This can be avoided by left clicking on the banner image and bringing up the image properties, and then make the image source points to the absolute address of the image and NOT the relative (local) address. You must check the box that says "leave image at original location".

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