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Banner Design Tips

Sculptor Sculptor Banners can be an effective advertising tool. Using words and graphics, a successful banner entices people to click-thru and visit a site. But creating such a banner is not easy for most people. Maybe these tips and links can help.

Beginners should focus on the left column. The right column is reserved for people who are computer savvy and ready to spend hours on creating a banner.

Instant Banners
This is the easiest way to create banners. Just type in some text and within seconds, your customized banner is ready. It may even include some flashy animations.

Banner Artists
These banner artists work for free in exchange for a link from your site. Just tell them what you want on your banner, and they will create it within days.

Creating a good banner for yourself takes time and effort. The payoff is a unique banner with personality and pride. Why not give it a try?

General Tips - We reveal the secret on how to make a killer banner, and what kills it. This is a must read.

Graphic Tools - You need graphics software to create your banner. See what we recommend.

Tutorials - Once you have the software, learn how to create professional effects with these step-by-step tutorials.

Free Graphics - A list of sites that offer free graphics. You can use them directly, or as examples for your banner.

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