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Member Support

Forgotten Password or Account Number

If you forgot your account number or password, first check your e-mailbox. We send a welcome message to all new members when they join HitExchange. It contains the account number and password for the member. Perhaps you can still find yours.

If not, you may click on the 'Forgot' button on the menu bar, next to the 'Login' button. It will ask for your e-mail address to search in our databes, and then we will e-mail you the information.

Account "On Hold"

An account will be placed "On Hold" when we cannot or should not display the account's banners. For example, if a member's web site is down due to server problems, then displaying its banner is pointless since no one will be able to reach that site. Our server will monitor the situation and resume displaying banner for the site when it comes back on-line. We also place accounts on hold for rule violations.

Members should resolve their account's "On Hold" status as quickly as they can. We will not display their banners in our network in the mean time. After 3 days of being on hold, the member will be delisted from our Hot! Directory. After 45 days, your account will be cancelled.

Account Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your membership, simply remove the HitExchange banner from your site. This will cause your account to be placed on hold. Then it will be purged after 45 days.

How often will my banners be displayed?

How often will HitExchange display your banners at other sites? The answer depends on two factors: (1) the number of banners you display at your site and (2) the amount of hit credits in your account.

More banners you display at your site, more often HitExchange will display your banners at other sites. The minimum exchange ratio is 0.67, or 3-to-2, which means that for every three banners displayed at your site, the server will display your banner twice at other sites. The extra banner display (also called impression) is collected into a poll and distributed to members according to hit credits.

If you have a lot of hit credits, then you will receive more of the extra impressions. So even if you only display 3 banners at your site, we may display your banners 10 times at other sites. Generally speaking, if you have 8 hit credits or more, your exchange ratio will be at least 1.00.

Exchange Ratio Calculation

HitExchange uses a complex formula to calculate the exchange ratio for each member. Please see this page.

Earning Free Hit Credits

There are five ways to earn FREE hit credits:

  1. Click-thrus: You earn 0.8 of a hit credit when someone clicks on a banner being displayed at your site. To prevent members from generating unlimited hit credits for themselves, we give 50% less hit credits for each additional click by the same user at the same site.
  2. Charity: If a member has no hit credit for seven consecutive days, then on the eighth day we will give one hit credit to that member. Our goal is to send at least one visitor per week to every member.
  3. Hot! Site Voting: You earn two hit credits whenever you vote for a member who later becomes a Hot! site. Click here for details.
  4. Report Cheaters: Whenever you discover a member who violates our rules (usually in the way that banners are displayed), you can report the member to receive a reward of 5 or 10 hit credits. Click here for details.
  5. Member Referral: You can earn as many as 60 hit credits for each new member you refer to HitExchange. Click here for details.

A daily summary of your earnings is recorded on the Hit Credit page.

Purchasing Hit Credits

You can purchase hit credits at the following rate:

Option Description Cost
A   80 Hit Credits $20
B   225 Hit Credits $50 Save $6 ... 11%
C   500 Hit Credits $100 Save $25 ... 20%
D   1,500 Hit Credits $250 Save $125 ... 33%
E   3,250 Hit Credits $500 Save $313 ... 38%
F   7,000 Hit Credits $1,000 Save $750 ... 43%

To purchase hit credits, click here.

Hit Credits Deduction

Hit credits are deducted for click-thrus. For each visitor whom our server redirects to your site, one hit credit is deducted from your account. However, if your balance is at zero we will forego the deduction altogether.

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