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click What's a banner exchange? A click-thru? An impression?
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What is a Banner Exchange?

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A banner exchange is a network of web sites that advertise for one another using banners like the one above. A central server stores and displays the banners for everyone. When a user clicks on a banner, the server sends the user to the correct site. This action is called a click-thru. Each time a banner is displayed is called an impression.

Joining our banner exchange is easy. First fill out an application to create a new account. Then insert the HTML code to display banners from our server into your web pages. Finally, create your own banners and submit them to us. We will display them at other sites.

Exchange Ratio

Exchange ratio, a common term used by banner exchanges, measures how often a member's banners are displayed. Our exchange ratio starts at 0.67 (or 3-to-2). That means for every three banners displayed at your site, our server will display your banners at least twice at other sites. But that's not all.

Hit Credits

Our members achieve higher exchange ratios with hit credits. More hit credits will increase their exchange ratios so their banners are displayed more frequently. Sometimes a member's exchange ratio could be as high as 5.00.

PiggyBank . You earn 0.8 of a hit credit when someone clicks on a banner being displayed at your site. To prevent members from generating unlimited hit credits for themselves, we give 50% less hit credits for each additional click by the same user at the same site.

One hit credit is deducted from your account each time we send a visitor to your site--unless your hit credit balance is already at zero. In which case, we will forego the deduction. Your balance will remain the same.

Even with zero hit credits, we will continue to display your banner at the 0.67 exchange ratio. After seven consecutive days, we will also give you one charity hit credit. Under these conditions your site should receive more than 80% of the visitors that it sends to other members. Therefore you trade click-thrus with other members at a 5-to-4 ratio or better.

Bonus Hit Credits

You can earn hit credits in other ways too. When you refer new members to us, you will receive as many as 60 hit credit for each referral. You can also earn hit credits by voting in the Hot! Site election (we'll explain this later). Finally, you can also help us police other members.

With so many ways to earn hit credits, with little effort any member can receive more visitors than he or she sends to other members. No other banner exchange can make such a claim.

You can also purchase hit credits if your site needs more visitors. Our hit credits are unlike the impressions offered by other banner exchanges. One hit credit, whether it is purchased or earned, is a guaranteed visitor to your site.


We offer three banner sizes: small (400 x 40), medium (400 x 50) and large (468 x 60). Your banner must be in one of these sizes. If you need help creating it, check out our Banner Design Tips page.

You can submit up to eight banners. Our server will display them in random rotation with the probabilities set by you. You can also set each banner's Click-thru URL and target categories. The Click-thru URL is an alternate page to receive visitors following the click-thru. Normally the visitor is sent to your main page.

At your site, you choose the banner sizes and styles to display. Each page may display a different banner size, but only one banner per page is permitted. You can turn off banner animation, which freezes all animated banners at their last frame. But your banners will also be frozen when they are displayed at other sites.

Here is a sample of the available banner sizes and styles:

Logo Blank_Banner_400x40
Logo Blank_Banner_400x50
Logo Blank_Banner_468x60

Banner Display Rules

We have a set of Banner Display Rules that every member must follow. These rules ensure that everyone's banner is clearly displayed by other members. But they are not as strict as you might think.

For example, Rule #1 accommodates those members who cannot display a full-size banner at their main page. Instead, they may display a button:


Matching Banner Sizes

Larger banners tend to receive more click-thrus than smaller ones. Therefore we monitor the banners being displayed at your site and show your banners in the same size or smaller at other sites to guarantee fairness for all members.

Banners Displayed
at Your Site
We Will Show Your Banners of Size
400x40 400x50 468x60
400x40 Yes NO NO
400x50 Yes Yes NO
468x60 Yes Yes Yes

Hot! Directory

The Hot! Directory is our member's directory. It lists members by subject category. Members select their own categories according to the content of their sites, but the selections are subjected to staff approval. With a heirarchical organization and a built-in search engine, visitors can easily navigate through the 350+ categories.

The directory features ten Hot! Sites, voted by members, in every category. They appear on the front page of the category as our reward to quality web sites in the banner exchange. It also attracts non-members to the directory, which gives all members more exposure.

Each member has one vote per category. To encourage participation, two hit credits are awarded every time a member casts a vote for the winning Hot! site. For example, if a member casted votes for five Hot! sites this week, then the member will receive 10 hit credits. All votes are carried from week to week.

Voting Prize

Other directories may take a long time to update, but not our Hot! Directory. It is updated immediately. This leads to some occasional abuses (e.g. foul language), but we believe the benefit to our members outweighs the occasional nuisance. Besides, we still monitor the directory closely, especially for changes.

Target and Filter

When you set target categories, our server will display your banners only at sites belonging to those categories. You can also set filter categories to prevent any site in those categories from advertising its banner at your site.

You can also filter by the content rating of sites. Our rating system has three levels, G, PG, and R, which is similar to the movies rating. However, our R rating excludes nudity as pornographic sites are not permitted to join HitExchange.

Helpful Tips

Our homepage includes three helpful articles. One of them offers advice on creating banners. Another describes how to improve web pages. We also wrote an article on additional ways to increase web site traffic. These efforts reflect our goal, which is to help web site owners help themselves.

Compare Competition

HitExchange stands out from other banner exchanges. Our hit-credit system is by far the most fair and generous. We show our member's banners exclusively while other exchanges sell banner impressions to non-member advertisers. The biggest difference though is that our system works better. But you shouldn't take our word for it. Click here to read some testimonials.

End of Tour

If you have any remaining questions, please consult our Site Map or e-mail us. We will be happy to assist you. We hope you are excited about joining the smartest and fairest banner exchange on the Internet. We would love to welcome you to our family of satisfied members.


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