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Banner Display Rule #3

Rule # Description
In most cases, the HitExchange banner must be entirely visible within the first 700x500 area of the page.


Other than the exceptions listed below, you must display HitExchange banners within 500 pixels from the top of the page and 700 pixels from the left edge. This is to ensure that most users will see our banner upon entering the page.

Your exchange ratio will decrease if our banners is not displayed prominently at your site. How do we measure prominence? The CTR of banners being shown at your site should not be worse than 120:1. Our members' average is 60:1.

No Auto-Redirect, No Pop-Up Window. You may not display our banner on a page that redirects to another page, with or without a time delay.

Exception: Material Content. You may display our banner outside the 700x500 area if your page shows 1/3 or more of material content below our banner. Material content is text or graphics that doesn't link to another site.

Exception: Entry Page. If you display our banner on the entry page to your site, i.e. with a "Click here to enter my site" link, then the banner must be displayed within the top 700x500 area.

Exception: Two Banners or Less. If your page only has one other banner (400x40 pixels or larger) that links to another web site, then you may display our banner anywhere on that page. But keep in mind the following.

The above requirements are only the bare minimums. You are responsible for improving your CTR through other means if the CTR of banners benig displayed at your site is worse than 120:1. Please contact us if you need help.

Note: Rule #3 is the main reason that our CTR is better than other banner exchanges. Although strict, it is still flexible enough to accommodate many page layouts. And you don't need to display our banner on every page; see Rule #1.

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