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Reporting Cheaters

HitExchange is based on mutual cooperation of members. It works best when everyone follows the rules. But some people are always tempted to cheat. As our first line of defense, new members are evaluated and approved by our staff. Then our spider program monitors them for compliance. Still, it's not enough.

One solution is to reward members for reporting cheaters. Everyday our members browse through the member's directory to cast their votes for Hot! Sites. They visit many sites in the process. If they discover any abnormality, they can report it and collect rewards. Such police-by-peers is the best deterrent against cheating.

The amount of reward varies. The first member to report on a particular cheater receives 10 hit credits. The second and third each receives 5 hit credits. Anyone else reporting on the same cheater will receive no rewards.

Who & When Reward
First Report 10 (hit credits)
Second Report 5
Third Report 5
Others 0

The cheater must be an active member at the time of the report. To check the status of a member, enter his/her account number into the "Search" box in the Hot! Directory. The member's status will be displayed on its profile page.

But if you don't know the account number, how do you obtain it? Here is one method. Bring up the raw HTML code for the page where you discovered the violation.Using the "Find" option, search for the string "" and the account number should be near.

To report it, you must use the Memo Desk page (login first). Specify in your report the cheater's account number, the URL where you observe the violation, and a description of the violation. Please be specific, but do not reveal your identity. After we verify the violation, your report will be forwarded the cheater.

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