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The Referral Program

As a HitExchange member, you can earn as many as 60 hit credits for every new member you refer to us. Here is how it works. For the first 90 days after a referral is approved for membership, each month you will receive 10% of the banner click-thrus at the referred site as hit credits (up to 20 hit credits).

Some restrictions apply. You cannot refer web sites that are former members. And the referral must remain active (not terminated or put on hold) at the end of the month to give you hit credits. Click-thrus proior to membership approval don't count.

Look for entries in your Hit Credit Log that begins with "Referral" to tell you when referrals are approved and how many hit credits you receive from them.

How to Refer

It's easy. When someone clicks on our logo from a HitExchange button or banner at your site, we will keep track of that visitor as your referral. Or you can use this URL: (replace with your account number).

When you hear people say they hate LinkExchange, tell them about HitExchange. If you have a newsletter, why not mention us? But don't send SPAM to generate referrals. We will rescind all of your referrals, perhaps your membership too.

IMPORTANT Members who joined prior to July 1, 1999: You must copy and paste the new HTML code to your site in order to participate in this referral program. The old HTML code will still work, but it won't accredit you for referrals.

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