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Purchase Hit Credits

Price List

We recommend that you plan ahead and make long-term purchases. Using the automatic transfer feature of the Hit Credit page, you can dispense your hit credits slowly over a long time. As the "Cost per Click" column shows, you receive greater discount when purchasing more hit credits at once.

Option Description Cost
A   80 Hit Credits $20
B   225 Hit Credits $50 Save $6 ... 11%
C   500 Hit Credits $100 Save $25 ... 20%
D   1,500 Hit Credits $250 Save $125 ... 33%
E   3,250 Hit Credits $500 Save $313 ... 38%
F   7,000 Hit Credits $1,000 Save $750 ... 43%

Payment Methods

We will begin accepting credit cards on August 13, 1999 (if not sooner). In the mean time, please send your orders (checks or money orders) to:

    HitExchange Associates
    P.O. Box 6182
    Irvine, CA 92616

Please address your check to 'HitExchange Associates' and be sure to include your HitExchange account number on the check.

Refund Policy

Within 30 days of purchase, you may request a refund for the remaining "unused" hit credits, minus a $5 service fee. "Unused" hit credits are the purchased hit credits subtracted by the number of visitors that we sent to your site. All "free" hit credits you earn after the purchase date will be excluded from the refund.

Refund request must be made by midnight of the 30th day after the initial purchase, via e-mail or from your account's Memo Desk page. Please allow three business days for us to process your refund.

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