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Your Memo Desk

Use this page to communicate with our staff. We welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, and bug reports. You should also use this page to tell us about members who are violating HitExchange rules. We call them cheaters and reward you 5-10 hit credits for reporting them.

Account Status

This area shows the current status of your account. It is quite boring unless your account has a problem. Normally the 'Account Status' shows 'Member'. You may see 'New' if your account is not yet approved for membership.

When your account has a serious problem, a hold will be placed on your account. You must resolve it quickly, because your banners are not being displayed at other sites while your account is on hold. Sometimes you may see multiple holds.

Each hold is listed with an 'Info' button. Click on it to see more information about the hold. It also provides instruction on diagnosing the problem and offers some solutions.

If you cannot resolve a hold, write to us for help in the Feedback section. Be sure to include specific information, such as the 'On Hold' message, or any error message you may have encountered.


To send a feedback message to our staff, enter your message into the text area, select the appropriate 'Type', then press 'Send Feedback'. After you submit a message, it will appear in the 'Staff Reply' area. While you may not edit your message, you can delete it and submit a revised new message.

When reporting a cheater, please include the cheater's account number (i.e. HX123456), the URL where HitExchange rules are being violated, and a brief description of the violation.

Staff Reply

Your messages are saved in the Staff Reply area. When the staff responds, the reply message is e-mailed to you and appended to your message in the Staff Reply area. Every message is saved here until you delete it.

Sometimes your action on another HitExchange page will require staff attention. For example, when you add a new category to your Profile page, staff approval is required. So the new category will appear in the Staff Reply area as a pending request. You cannot delete it until the staff responds, but you can withdraw the request through the Profile page.

Please delete messages shortly after you read them. But do not delete your message before our staff reply to it. Our staff will not read your message unless it appears in this area. To delete a message, select the "I'm Sure" checkbox and then click on the 'Delete' button.

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