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Display Probability

How often will the HitExchange server display a banner? The answer is a combination of your exchange ratio and the display probability that you assign to the banner. Your exchange ratio determines the number of times your banners, together as a group, will be displayed. The display probabilities dispense that number to each banner.

The display probability for a banner is the relative probability for displaying the banner with respect to other banners of the same size. Relative means that they don't have to add up to 100%. It is their ratios to each other that determines the probability. For example, if you have 3 banners, all of which are the same size with the following display probabilities:

    Banner 1 = 100%, Banner 2 = 100%, and Banner 3 = 100%

All 3 banners will be displayed equally often. The result is the same if you assign each to 50%. If your banners are displayed 300 times in one day (according to your current exchange ratio and the number of banners displayed at your site), then each banner will be displayed about 100 times. But if you change the ratio of their display probabilities, you can force Banner 1 to display twice as often as Banner 2 or 3:

    Banner 1 = 100%, Banner 2 = 50%, and Banner 3 = 50%

Our server will display Banner 1 about 150 times while Banner 2 and 3 will each be displayed about 75 times.

The actual number of displays for each banner will vary because we use a probabilistic method to selecct banners for display.

0% display probability is an exception. It prevents a banner from being displayed at all. If you set all your banners to 0%, then your account will be placed on hold because it would have no banner to display.

When you have banners of different sizes, then the number of displays for each banner is more difficult to control. You cannot set the display ratio for different banner sizes. That ratio is set according to the currently available display slots. If more members display 468 x 60 banners at their sites on a given day, then banners of that size will be displayed more often that day. We suggest everyone uploads at least one banner in each size to avoid being blocked out.

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