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Exchange Ratio

Exchange ratio, a common term used by banner exchanges, measures how often a member's banners are displayed. Our exchange ratio starts at 0.67 (or 3-to-2). That means for every three banners displayed at your site, our server will display your banners at least twice at other sites. But that's not all.

Hit Credits

Our members achieve higher exchange ratios with hit credits. More hit credits will increase their exchange ratios so their banners are displayed more frequently. Sometimes a member's exchange ratio could be as high as 5.00.

PiggyBank . You earn 0.8 of a hit credit when someone clicks on a banner being displayed at your site. To prevent members from generating unlimited hit credits for themselves, we give 50% less hit credits for each additional click by the same user at the same site.

One hit credit is deducted from your account each time we send a visitor to your site--unless your hit credit balance is already at zero. In which case, we will forego the deduction. Your balance will remain the same.

Even with zero hit credits, we will continue to display your banner at the 0.67 exchange ratio. After seven consecutive days, we will also give you one charity hit credit. Under these conditions your site should receive more than 80% of the visitors that it sends to other members. Therefore you trade click-thrus with other members at a 5-to-4 ratio or better.

Bonus Hit Credits

You can earn hit credits in other ways too. When you refer new members to us, you will receive as many as 60 hit credit for each referral. You can also earn hit credits by voting in the Hot! Site election (we'll explain this later). Finally, you can also help us police other members.

With so many ways to earn hit credits, with little effort any member can receive more visitors than he or she sends to other members. No other banner exchange can make such a claim.

You can also purchase hit credits if your site needs more visitors. Our hit credits are unlike the impressions offered by other banner exchanges. One hit credit, whether it is purchased or earned, is a guaranteed visitor to your site.

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