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Compare Banner Exchanges

Compare Exchange Ratio

Exchange Ratio =   Your Banners Displayed at Other Sites
Banners You Display

Other banner exchanges offer exchange ratios that are fixed, usually around 0.50 (or 2-to-1). For every two banners you display for them, they display your banner once. What happens to the extra banner impression? They sell it to paid advertisers or use it to show banners of themselves.

Frankly, we don't understand the latter practice. Most banner exchanges already show their logo or name right next to their banners. Why do they need to advertise themselves in the banner space? The extra impressions should be given back to the members. That's what we do. Our members only show banners for other members.

We offer adjustable exchange ratios starting at 0.67 (or 3-to-2). The ratio is determined by the number of click-thrus occuring at each site. (The click-thrus are converted into hit credits first, then the hit credits affect the exchange ratio.) As more people click on the banners being displayed at a site, that member will receive a higher exchange ratio.

Other factors also affect the exchange ratio. The Click-thru Ratio (CTR) measures how often the banner is displayed before someone clicks on it. Our system will lower a member's exchange ratio if the CTR of the member's banner indicates an ineffective design. This prevents bad banners from taking over.

We also offer other ways for our members to earn additional hit credits to increase their exchange ratios. These are mostly tasks that members can perform to improve HitExchange for everyone's benefit, e.g. Hot! site voting (see next page).


Three banner sizes are available: 400 x 40, 400 x 50, and 468 x 60 (dimension in pixels). Members can submit up to eight banners of any size in their accounts. They can also set the display probability, target categories, and Click-thru URL for each banner seperately.

Our members also have control over banner animation. When animation is disabled, all banners displayed at that site will be static--animated banners will be frozen at their last frames. But this also applies to that member's banners being displayed at other sites. If a member submits animated banners for display, then that member must allow banner animation at his or her own site.

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